Specifically designed for members of the Colorado Independent Automobile Dealers Association.

Sales and Contracts


  • Cash, Bank financing & Buy here/pay here (monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly and weekly)
  • Pic payments on cash and buy here/pay here deals
  • Edit all types of deals with minimal effort
  • Edit customer information
  • Kill sour deals with one quick entry
  • Process trades live
  • Interface with Micro-Bilt(TM) Credit Commander© Credit Bureau Software (Enter customer information only once) all major bureaus available (Additional charge)
  • Quick Quote - Estimate payments in seconds



  • Deals handled quickly
  • Set up Wholesaler to eliminate re-entry of information
  • Edit deals with minimal effort



  • Prints all forms necessary to complete deal
  • Ability to format custom Buyer's Order
  • Custom forms available - Marketing, Proof of Insurance, Pick Pay Notes, etc.
  • Payment books



  • Sales - Retail and Wholesale (date range - week, month, quarter, year) available with bank discount deducted from gross profit
  • Inventory Detail and Summary (Summary report includes actual cost encoded for use on the floor)
  • Accounts Receivable - Several options, actual due date aging, Group reporting available, can print as of previous date
  • Not Paid For report
  • Sales Tax Report includes County and City jurisdiction information, totals categories
  • Buy Reports include options, inventory, aging both Sold and Unsold reports available
  • Customer list
  • Permits issued
  • Computer sales commissions
  • Deal net profit report includes all costs and revenues (warranties, recon, commissions)
  • Custom reports available


    Locate Deals By

  • Customer
  • Stock number
  • VIN
  • Last seven VIN
  • Permit number


    Payments & Receipts

  • Handles, pic pays, regular payments, charges, discounts and write-offs
  • Reports available by payment type and date ranges - computes portion of each payment that is principle and interest
  • Actual principle balance always available - includes unpaid Pics
  • Payoff computed when screen is opened - Operator may pick payoff date
  • Computes interest on actual payment date
  • Customer history report
  • Enter collections and other information in Customer Record
  • Software available to report payment history to credit bureaus (Additional Charge)
  • Tracks cash down and receipt of bank checks



  • Stock inventory by unique stock number - includes all information necessary to sell car and certain options (Transmission, Engine, 2X/4X, Stereo, Consignment)
  • Tracks receipt of title and emissions test
  • Reconditioning Costs - Individual costs totaled and report available
  • Assign your own Stock Number to Trades
  • Consignment form
  • Window stickers with custom information for your after hours customers
  • Eliminate cars from inventory when necessary



  • Two months free training, installation, trouble shooting and phone support included in purchase price
  • Additional service agreement available (see below)
  • Letters - Thank you, Payment is late, Payment is later, Rite to cure, Notice of Sale
  • Custom letters available
  • Export of customer list for mailing labels (Additional Charge)
  • Custom programming, communications, web sites, e-mail, and network set up and administration available at additional cost


    Service Agreement

  • Free installation and training on IADS
  • 18 month parts and labor warranty on computer(s)
  • Priority attention paid to calls
  • Unlimited telephone support on IADS
  • All state required forms changes are completed and installed at no cost
  • Discount on software systems upgrades
  • Discount on new IADS versions


    Available in single user and network versions

  • Contact us for pricing information.